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Search Methodology

At Osprey Executive Search we utilize proven methodologies which we customize to fit your organization's unique needs, in the timeliest manner.

We always keep communication as a top priority and make sure we systematically exercise all steps in our due diligence to insure that we are conducting the most comprehensive search possible. This process allows for a cohesive search, delivering positive and equal treatment of all candidates.

The result is the highest caliber candidates in the tightest timeline.

Our process consists of the following five stages, described below:

Stage One: Osprey Executive Search Interviews with Client’s Executives/Search Committee

  • Articulate the deliverables required of the position
    • Position Description
    • Search criteria
  • Prioritize the skill set and core competencies that must be possessed by the candidates
  • Assess the corporate culture
  • Identify the issues facing your organization and industry

Communication: Synopsis of Interviews

Stage Two: Target List and Recruiting Strategy

  • Build target list of companies, candidates and sources
  • Insure that the right message is going to be received by the appropriate people
  • Determine what order to contact most relevant sources and potential candidates
  • Discuss viability of advertising

Communication: Presentation of strategy

Stage Three: Candidate Development and Interviewing

  • Meeting appropriate potential candidates
  • Assessing long list potential
  • Give candidate opportunity to reflect on the position and questions
  • Continual contact with candidates and availability for questions and feedback
  • Courtesy interviews
  • Proper debriefing with candidates deemed not appropriate for the opportunity
  • Winnow long list down to a short list of candidates

Communication: Present short list to client

Stage Four: Client Interviews

  • Client interview short list of candidates
  • Candidates submit formal reference list
  • Selection of final candidates
    • Osprey Executive Search assisting in final evaluation
  • Client second interviews
  • Selection of final candidate

Communication: Final selection

Stage Five: Offer of Employment

  • Osprey Executive Search conducts referencing
  • Establish terms of employment
  • Offer presented to final candidate
  • Osprey Executive Search will act as intermediary
  • Acceptance of the offer

To find out more about how we carry out these stages, please contact us.